Lips fillers: what you need to know before treatment

Lips fillers: what you need to know before treatment

Lip fillers are an increasingly popular treatment that no doubt you’ve been made aware of through celebrities, media personalities, and even friends and family. It’s now never been easier to achieve a fuller pout or an enhanced cupid’s bow, but there are some things you should know before you book your first treatment appointment. Here are the checks you can make before having lip fillers!


Find out who is performing your treatment

Make sure your practitioner is also a medical professional before you undergo treatment with them. There have been a lot of scary stories in the media around dermal fillers going wrong when performed by unqualified hands, so make sure you receive the safest and best treatment results by trusting your lip fillers to a medical professional. Our own Dr Prasanna, for example, is a medical doctor with an NHS background, ensuring that you receive treatment from a professional who understands your skin’s underlying structures and facial anatomy.


Ask questions at your consultation

Your consultation is one of the most important parts of your treatment journey, because it’s here that you will decide whether or not you feel comfortable in your practitioner’s hands. This is the ideal time to ask any questions you may have, find out about side effects and aftercare, and whether your practitioner provides support should complications arise. A good practitioner will always offer a no pressure, free consultation so that you do not feel pressured to commit to your treatment. It just so happens that Dr Prasanna at Westfield Aesthetics offers free consultations for lip fillers, as well as the rest of our treatments!


There will be some side effects

Side effects are common with lip fillers – but don’t worry! They’re entirely normal and subside fairly quickly. You might experience some mild swelling and redness in the treatment, though this should subside within 2-3 days after your treatment. Mild bruising is also common at the injection points, though again this should only last a few days post-treatment. The chances of bruising can be lessened by avoiding alcohol for two days either side of your treatment.


Your results aren’t permanent…

Never fear, your dermal filler results aren’t permanent. Those permanent facial fillers that caused quite the stir years ago aren’t widely used in the UK anymore due to the risks associated with them, and certainly aren’t used at our Birmingham aesthetic clinic. No, we temporary dermal fillers that are naturally broken down and dissolved by your body over the period of around 6 months.


… And they can be added to or undone

Because your lip fillers aren’t permanent, this makes it very safe to add to your results a few weeks after your first treatment, or even ‘undo’ them if you find they’re not for you. Permanent fillers don’t have this advantage, but temporary dermal fillers are a buildable treatment that we can ‘top-up’ when appropriate. Sometimes, your desired results may not be achievable with just one treatment and will require one or two more appointments, but temporary lip fillers allow this kind of treatment journey. If you decide that you would like your lip fillers removing, this is also possible through another injectable treatment that will dissolve the filler over a day or two. Dermal fillers are incredibly versatile and flexible, so committing to one treatment doesn’t mean a commitment for a life!


Discover dermal lip fillers with Dr Prasanna Narayan today. Book your free consultation on 0121 420 4038 or enquire online to find out more. 

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