What a chemical peel can do for your skin

What a chemical peel can do for your skin

You’ve probably heard that a chemical peel is a great anti-ageing treatment, which will help you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. However, did you know that rather than a one-peel-solution-fits-all, there’s actually quite a variety of chemical peels available, which all target different skin complaints.


Sun damage, acne and reduced skin volume are just some of the conditions we can treat with a skin peel here at Westfield Aesthetics, but the best way to find out about how you can achieve a healthier skin glow and a more attractive facial appearance, is by giving us a call. We operate in a bespoke manner, so we will assess you skin with a view to advising you on the treatments that are most likely to rejuvenate you and correct any looks issues you may be having.


What do skin peels involve?


As the name suggests, a skin peel involves peeling back the outermost layers of skin; those which contain the damaged skin cells on the surface, with a view to removing minor skin conditions, light wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation. It is effectively a procedure that encourages exfoliation.


Peel solutions come in a range of strengths, with the most intense able to penetrate several skin layers in order to remove deeper blemishes. More superficial skin peels, will remove only the outer layer, but still give you a healthy glow and brighter skin tone.


During your appointment, the peel solution will be painted onto the targeted area of your skin and left there for a few minutes, before being washed away again. Afterwards your skin here may tingle and be slightly red. This will all settle down very quickly. Once the skin begins to peel around 6 days later, following a sensation of tightness, you’ll see the fresh, pink skin tissue underneath.


Our range of chemical peels


Our Easy Phytic Solution is a superficial skin peel which contains glycolic acid. It will remove very fine lines and wrinkles. 6 peel sessions are recommended in order to see significant results at the rate of 1 per week. The LA Peel Solution is another superficial one, but it can be layered for more strength in order remove deeper facial lines.


The easy TCA peel is a medium depth peel. It’s great for tackling mild acne, sun damage and providing a stronger rejuvenation. It impressively removes lines and wrinkles. 4 peel sessions is the recommended course of treatment with this one.


If you’d like to have clearer, less blemished, more youthful-looking skin for 2019, then please give us a call to book your consultation. Our reception team will be able to make an appointment time that’s convenient for you and our practitioners will be able to assess the unique way in which your skin is maturing in order to guide you through the most appropriate cosmetic treatment for you, as well as answer any queries you may have. Please get in touch today.


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