What to consider when choosing a skin clinic in Birmingham

What to consider when choosing a skin clinic in Birmingham

A guide to starting your treatment journey

Choosing the perfect skin clinic in Birmingham can be a minefield and as the health of your skin is at stake, nothing is more important than putting your trust into the right practitioner. The growth of the industry is expanding rapidly due to the rise in popularity of skin and aesthetic treatments, this means that selecting the right clinic can feel a little bewildering. Not all skin clinics are able to provide the quality of treatments that you deserve, therefore we’ve put together a useful guide to help you understand what to look out for when starting your treatment journey.

How do I choose the right practitioner?

Finding the right practitioner takes time and patience, you must do your research and carefully consider whether a particular skin clinic is able to offer you the treatments you need to achieve the best results possible. Your aesthetic treatments should be carried out by an experienced medical professional. A reputable clinic will be happy to inform you of their qualifications and experience in the aesthetic medicine industry. For example, here at Westfield Aesthetics we are led by our in-house doctor Prasanna Narayan who has worked within the NHS, trained in medical and surgical procedures and eventually specialised in aesthetic medicine.

What should I expect from a consultation?

Once you have found a suitable practitioner, it is important that you book a consultation, this will give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding your treatment. Your practitioner will also be able to outline what is involved in the procedure, any aftercare or downtime that is needed, as well as any possible complications. An experienced medical professional should always make you feel comfortable and at ease about the procedure. If you have any doubts it is essential that you ask questions or find an alternative clinic.

Anticipating the best possible result

It might be that you are seeking an aesthetic treatment as you would like to refresh and rejuvenate aging skin or enhance your features using fillers. Whatever your personal motivation for visiting a skin clinic, you should be offered the best and most suitable treatment to fulfil your needs. Westfield Aesthetics offers a number of skin solutions for fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and scarring, hyper-pigmentation, excessive sweating and lack of volume. Dr Narayan will discuss your expectations with you before treatment and advise how the procedure will help you to achieve your goals.  

If you are considering an aesthetic treatment and want to feel certain that you are in the right hands, we recommend that you contact Westfield Aesthetics. We are confident that you will leave the skin clinic feeling refreshed and confident, but most importantly, having enjoyed your treatment experience in a professional clinic.  

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