So, we're starting up again, and I can't wait. It's been a tough old time for everyone and we all deserve a little self care. 

Between you and I, I have to admit that despite having a clinic dedicated to great skin and looking the best you can, I have alawys been a little lax in my skincare. I have on a couple of occasions done the Obagi Nu-derm transformation treatments but then I fall back into my old ways. In my case this was Simple Soap and Diprobase cream.

Now, that I am way closer to the age of 50 than 40, I've decided to embrace daily cosmeceuticals. My main issue has alawys been pigmentation and dull skin. So I started there. I am currently using a combination of over the counter treatments and a few prescription only products for the trickier issues. Here is my new arsenal and my take on it 2 months down the road.

The Ordinary's Squalene cleanser - As I said earlier, my baseline was soap so this was a big change but I have loved it. You have to rub the product in your hands for a couple of minutes and it miraculously turns into a gorgeous silky oil. After massaging it over the whole face, make up including mascara just melts away and is easily washed off with warm water. I've heard about double cleansing but have obviously never done it (the effort!), but hear this that can replace both steps with one.

The Ordinary's Niacinamide and ZInc Serum - This serum decreases blemishes and balances out oil production. I dont really suffer with acne but have really loved the way this has brightened up my complexion.

Obagi's Hydroquinone- This is a prescription only product that I am using for my post inflammatory pigmentation. it does wht it says on the tin but needs a consultation first. I think it works brilliantly for me and most of the patients for whom I have prescribed it.

Finally, a Retinoid! Now although I have used prescription only Tretinoin before, I did start with a months worth of the Ordinarys 5% Retinoid Serum. I loved this and felt that really helped with the quality of my skin including pore wise. I decided, though as I wanted quicker and perhaps more obvious results, I swicthed to Obagi's tretinoin treatment. This is working as well as always and I'm already seeing great changes. Retinoids and retinols are generally used once at night. I would recommend that most people over the age of 30 should introduce a retinoid into their skincare. I wish I'd done it earlier. You can always start with an over the counter one before moving onto the stronger stuff!

As with most of these treatments dont forget a daily sunscreen with good UVA and UVB protection as well as high SPF. I tend to go for either Obagi or Neutrogena here and love both of them.

I would say that having these few minutes of self pampering day and night, has been a really lovely exeperience for me. A time to think of myself and maybe a little time to be mindful. A daily regime can seem to take way too much time, and it may seem easier to just have some Botox or some dermal filler in your lips or face but don't forget your skin. Its not often commented on but it really is the icing on the cake. I too, see that now.

I wish I had the courage to post a photo of my after skin, but I don't. You'll just have to book in to see for yourself. I definitely feel its been an unexpected improvement though and well worth the effort.

Looking forward to seeing you Soon!


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